Naked Fish Juice


LS has now applied the same processes into its first product line, Naked Fish™, to produce the groundbreaking "Collector’s Edition", by redeveloping the line’s original flavors and placed into phenomenally designed bottles. The Collector’s Edition is an upgraded version of the original Naked Fish product that so many have come to know and love. The bottles are specially painted using a four-step process, as we believe that our juice and our customers are deserving of such colourful and luxurious blends. The labels are now painted on the bottle in a very special process, further adding to the detailed craftsmanship of this formidable LS brand.

What’s more, one of the company’s strong beliefs is that the customer always deserves more. While every other bottle in the industry offers 30ml in serving, Naked Fish, including The Collector’s Edition, offers a 50ml serving at a similar price point, offering true value to the customer.

Ultimately, LS offers its retail store partners, as well as millions of vapers around the world, the finest blends of exotic e-juices, with confidence that results from using the cleanest ingredients today. This is what makes LS the premium manufacturer of e-juice blends on the market.

Naked Fish Juice

Naked Fish Premium juice was crafted and perfected in California. They might be new to the ocean but..

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