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Cloud Island E-juice



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  • Brand: UK / USA 10ml & Multipack Juices
  • Product Code: Cloud Island E-juice
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Cloud Island E-juice

WAFFLE STACK:A stack of crunchy, deep-fried doughy waffles, dusted in sugar and drizzled in syrup. Served with a generous quenelle of cream and a plump red strawberry

GRAPE BUBLE GUM:A delicious, mouth-watering, fresh purple grape juice, crushed straight from the vine ! Combined with sweet candy bubblegum.

PURE INDULGANCE:A soft gooey blueberry muffin, stuffed with cream cheese frosting. served with a ball of fried icecream, with a side of banana slices.

STRAWBERRY SLIDER:A dense clotted cream and sweet strawberry ice cream, compressed between two thin and crispy wafers topped off by a dusting of icing sugar.

RASBERRY THUMBPRINT:A crumbly biscuit filled with a generous portion of raspberry jam.

PANSTACK:A stack of soft fluffy pancakes sitting under a melting scoop of butter, drizzled with syrup.

YOMCAKES:A stack of soft, fluffy pancakes sitting beneath a slowly melting scoop of butter. With a side serving of exotic yumberry & drizzled with yumberry sauce

CAKE DRIP:A soft gooey cake mixture with hints of sweet sauce !!

STIFLES MOM:Two layers of blonde biscuit, stuffed full with sweet, custard cream.

DANISH CRUNCH:A daringly spiced, cinnamon treat, with a suprising undertone of crunch.

FIZZY COLA BOTTLES:The original fizzy cola bottles with the X-treme sour bite that you can't ignore and can't get enough off !!

BLUE SLUSH:Frozen blueberries, fresh ice. Slushed up for your ultimate refreshment !!

(NOT a menthol blue slush)

CREAMY BEAN:A thick, sweet and very creamy vanilla bean milkshake with a very small dusting of danish on the top of it.

RED RABBIT:A crumbly white chocolate cookie, laced with torte raspberry clusters.

BUTTERSCOTCH:A sweet, Gooey and buttery butterscotch helping with a dollop of vanilla custard

COOKIE MONSTER:The taste of a freshly baked, warm cookie. Crumbly, sweet and melt-in-the-mouth scrummyness.

Cloud Island E-juice