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OhmBrew 50/50 nic salt 10ml 18mg



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OhmBrew 50/50 nic salt 10ml 18mg

Ohm Brew eliquids are a varied range of flavours available in 10ml bottles. With dessert, fruit, menthol and tobacco flavour blends available there’s a little something for everyone. With 50% VG blends these ejuices are ideal for starter kits and plus ohm devices. Ohm Brew eliquids use Salt Nicotine for a smoother throat hit without reducing nicotine strength.

The Black eliquid is a punchy blend of sweet and sour. The blackberry flavour will hit you from your first vape with a juicy base note and a mild sweetness, that’s been blended with a cool menthol and a blackcurrant exhale for a tart finish.

Sensation X eliquid is cool and icy for a fresh tasting experience. This ejuice is all about the menthol flavour, on inhale and exhale a smooth yet sweet mint that’s not too overpowering.

Mr White eliquid is a cool and fruity combination. On inhale a mixed berry flavour with sweet and tart notes and juicy aftertaste, this has been combined with an icy exhale thanks to the added menthol.

Mr Pink eliquid is an exotic blend of fruits with a tangy finish. The grapefruit flavour has sweet and slightly bitter notes, this has been combined with lemon and orange for a tangy citrus exhale.

Black Jacked eliquid is a nostalgic candy store blend. A sharp and sweet combination of aniseed and licorice flavour hits you straight away with a sugary exhale for a balanced blend.

Blueberry Blitz eliquid is an authentic fruit tasting blend. On both inhale and exhale a ripe tasting blueberry flavour, that has sweet and tart notes and an overall juicy aftertaste

Blueberry Bubble eliquid is a candy store blend with a fruity twist. From your first inhale a bubblegum flavour with hints of strawberry and banana, combined with a juicy blueberry for a ripe exhale.

Cappuccino eliquid is a coffee house blend with rich and dark notes. On inhale you’ll detect a nutty coffee flavour with a sprinkling of chocolate for a sweet and layered taste, a milk finish creates a smooth exhale.

Fizzy Cherry Cola eliquid is a sweet blend with a tangy finish. On inhale the cherry flavour and cola flavour mix together for a sweet and fruity mix with dark notes thanks to the cherry, with a fizzy exhale.

Fizzy Cola eliquid is sweet and tangy in equal measure. The cola flavour has a fizzy profile to it with sugary notes and an underlying caramel, these notes meld together for an authentic beverage ejuice.

Groovy Grapefruit eliquid is a fruity blend with juicy and tart notes throughout. The grapefruit flavour on inhale and exhale is sweet with slightly bitter notes, creating a balanced and authentic fruit flavour.

Lemon and Lime Lolly eliquid is a citrus blend with a cool finish. The lemon sorbet and lime flavours blend on inhale for a sweet and sour mix with a tangy note. The icy exhale gives this ejuice a smooth yet sweet finish.

Passionfruit and Mango eliquid is a juicy and fruity mix. The passionfruit flavour has a ripe tasting base note with a sweet edge to it, that’s complemented by an exotic mango with a tart finish, the two create a balanced inhale and exhale.

Pineapple and Mango Ice Cream eliquid is an exotic blend of fruits with a cool finish. The pineapple flavour on inhale has an overall juicy taste that's enhanced by a sweet mango. The ice cream exhale gives this mix a cool and smooth finish.

Punchin’ Pineapple eliquid is an exotic blend of fruits. The pineapple flavour on inhale has an overall juicy taste with sweet and sour notes a secret ingredient gives this ejuice a tropical finish.

Rockin’ Raspberry Sorbet eliquid is a cool and fruity dessert blend - the raspberry sorbet flavour has a punchy sweetness to it balanced by an icy finish. The addition of lemon gives this ejuice a citrus exhale.

Spearmint eliquid is a cool combination of taste. The spearmint flavour has icy notes, paired with an underlying sweetness and a floral finish, for a layered and cooling ejuice blend.

Strawberry Storm eliquid is a fresh and fruity mix. The strawberry flavour is pronounced on both inhale and exhale with a delicate ripe taste and a sweet aftertaste, for a authentic tasting berry ejuice.

The Cuban eliquid is a an exotic blend of herbs and spices. A dark and layered tobacco flavour is present from your first vape, it’s sweetness has been enhanced by added spices for a full-bodied inhale and exhale.

Vanilla Custard eliquid combines smooth and sweet notes for a layered dessert blend. The custard inhale is rich and sugary and complements the vanilla exhale which adds a soft and light note to this ejuice.


These are 18mg nic salts 10ml Bottles

What's in the box:

1 x 18mg ohm brew 50/50 10ml bottle

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